The history of Modena begins as early as 1947 when Jadwiga Benowska comes with her son Janusz Benowski to Toruń from post-war Warsaw.

In the same year, a milling atelier was created on Szewska 10 among many other craft stores. Since 1963, the shop has been run by Janusz and Irena Benowska. Modena is the last of 13 hat workshops formerly operating in Toruń. Today, our family brand, which from the beginning is located in the same place, has been run by the fourth generation. For many years of activity, we have created a style compatible with the contemporary fashion trends, thus not giving up traditional solutions. Every day we personally advise our customers in choosing one of our original and classy hats.

"My favourite Old Town Craftman"

The prize received in a plebistite from the city of Toruń in 2013

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