Hats made in our studio

We make hats in traditional way on linden wood molds. Thanks to noble fabrics coming from local and foreign suppliers and over 120 models of forms we can create original styles, and thus broaden our assortment. Using excellent quality natural materials such as felt, velor and straw, we can be sure that our products will be resistant to deformation and damage. The result of intergenerational cooperation are projects combining modern design with the pinch of vintage. The Benowscy workshop is one of the few places of this type in the country, which further determines its uniqueness.

100% handmade

Our hats are 100% handmade.

Order execution time

The time to make a hat is up to 6 business days

High quality fabrics

We import materials from Italy, Spain, France, the Czech Republic and we use materials from polish producers.

Attention to detail

Each hat is finished with a cotton ribbon inside and a grosgrain ribbon from the outside. We can also use other material according to customer’s request.

Available sizes

We make hats in sizes from 54 to 62. Additionally, at your request, we can also change the width of the brim.

Hat in your own style

We leave to your choice: colors, decorations with grosgrain, cotton or satin and other types of material, as well as stiffened or falling brim.

Felt Hats

Wool felt used in the production of our hats is obtained from real sheep wool 2-3 mm thick and weighing from 600 to 900 g / m2. The best quality wool translates into high durability of the product and additionally ensures high air permeability. Soft material has been used in the production of outerwear for centuries. A hat made of sheep's wool provides warmth even on the coldest winter days.

Velvet Hats

A velor hat also called velvet protects against the cold due to its thicker basis weight. The material created from rabbit hair is distinguished by a pleasant softness and a characteristic gloss that adds elegance and style to the hat. Velor hats are the perfect complement to autumn and winter stylizations

Panama Hat

Legendary panama hats are popular all over the world. The quality of the material depends on the amount of the fibers interwoven per one inch. Buyers also pay attention to color, shape and diligence of the fabric. The name of the Panama hat model was created during the construction of the Panama Canal, although it originally comes from Ecuador. The top panama producers in Ecuador are the cities of Cuenca and Montecristi. Lightness and breathability makes the hat great for hot weather.


Customers love Sinamay straw hats for their lightness, breathability, strong construction and resistance to discoloration. Sinamay straw is a natural material obtained from extremely durable abaca fibers, which gained popularity in the 90s. Hats are available in many colors and types of weave, which further increases their attractiveness. A hat made of this fabric is simple in style but still remains sophisticated, making it a graceful element of spring and summer stylizations.


Headwear made of viscose is airy and retain their color for a very long time. Fabric obtained from cellulose is distinguished by versatility and durability. Lightness and softness make it similar to natural materials such as silk or cotton, but the production costs are much lower.


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