How do I choose a hat style?

The hat should complement your clothing, so choose it at the last step of dressing up. Of course, we should select the type of hat according to occasion. You can wear elegant model when you’re going to a special ceremony. Bucket hat, Panama or Straw summer hat will perfectly suit casual clothes. The headgear should be chosen in a color matching your clothes, but be careful to not let it to dominate the outfitt.

Round Face

Oblong face

Triangular face

Square face


This type of face will look good in hats with a high and shallow head and in models with geometric shapes and vertical lines (eg "fedora"), which will add a bit of slenderness to it. It will look unfavorable in headwear with a big or too low brim.


A person with a long face shape should choose hat with a wider brim and a low set head.


We should consider round model with a narrow roundabout that will balance facial features. Particularly noteworthy are hats with ornaments and slightly wavy edges. The roundabout should be low on the forehead line.


People with a square face shape should choose hats with soft lines and large brims over headwear with geometric, strongly outlined shapes. Also vertical and oblique shapes are perfect for this type of face. Make sure the roundabout doesn’t fall too low on the forehead.

How to choose the size?

To choose your hat size, check the circumference of the head with tailor’s measure at the center of the forehead or above the ears. If you’re not sure about choosing between two sizes, choose the larger one.




53 – 54
55 – 56
57 – 58
59 – 60

How do we make our hats?

Creating a hat is a fascinating process during which, based on the secrets passed down from generation to generation, we are manufacturing an article exactly tailored to the person wearing it. By sticking to the techniques developed strictly decades ago, we are sure that as a result we will create a product of unique quality and style.

How to take care of your hat?

Aby kapelusz zachował swój oryginalny kolor i kształt warto przestrzegać zasad właściwej pielęgnacji.

Avoid direct contact of the product with water.
To clean the garment, we should use a brush made of natural bristles or a sponge moistened with water.
The hat should be stored in a clean and dry place where it will not be exposed to distortion.